It seems that as far as we can establish at this stage, just one Cambridge soldier, chaplain Clive Mortimer Jones, was present during the Battle of Le Quesnoy. However many Cambridge men and women served in the New Zealand Armed Forces and other Allied forces in France and other battle fronts in the Great War. The following list of men and women are all people who are believed to have been either born and bred, or have lived for a period, in Cambridge, New Zealand, before the First World War, or at the very least had a Next of Kin connection with the town, and all served in the New Zealand Armed Forces or with our Allies in World War One.

Due to the large number of names they have been spread over two pages in alphabetical order of their surnames:

A to M

N to Z

Sources: The information on this page has come from the excellent book 'Cambridge World War One: Something To Remember' by Eris Parker, plus extensive research done by Eris Parker, and records held by the Cambridge Historical Society, with additional information from the following websites:

The Cambridge Museum
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website
The Archives New Zealand 'Archway' Website
The National Archives of Australia website
The National Library's Papers Past Website
Geoff's 1914-1921 Search Engine

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In total there are 758 names of Cambridge Men and Women on this list who served in WWI

At least 167 of them were killed in action or died from accidents, wounds or disease in the services. Many more were wounded, many were invalided out of the Armed Forces, and at least one became a Prisoner of War