The Road To Le Quesnoy

Men of the 24th Reinforcements marching over the Rimutaka Hills, 22 March 1917, during 

training before departing for France

Men of the 24th Reinforcements marching over the Rimutakas, 22 March 1917

Bedraggled, tired and tough looking men of the 24th Reinforcements seemingly near the end of a route march over the Rimutakas, 22 March 1917. Distinguishable are men of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, but also other badges are seen. Note the casual dress, open collars and even hats in hands

New Zealand walking wounded coming back from the lines in France

A New Zealand Field Artillery 18-pounder gun in action on the French front lines

A gathering of New Zealand officers on the front line

New Zealanders march past a major crossroads and railway crossing

A break for food during the Battle of the Somme, September 1916.

Artillery and men moving along the Menin Road under snow

Wounded soldier is carried on a stretcher

A wounded New Zealander lays on a stretcher near the Menin Road and is read to by a friend from the book "New Zealanders At The Front' while waiting for evacuation for further medical attention

New Zealanders pose reading “New Zealanders at the Front” on a captured anti-tank gun, near the Menin Road.

Gun pits under snow near Westhoek

Two mules carry artillery shells across mud at Passchendaele

A New Zealand soldier goes to the aid of a bogged mule in Passchendaele mud

Truck-mounted anti-aircraft guns in action

Gas mask inspection for New Zealanders in a support trench

A despatch runner emerges from a headquarters set up in an ex-German concrete bunker.

A front line trench, 1918

New Zealand officers ride past the remains of a smashed house

Digging defences.

Men shelter inside a shell crater caused by artillery fire

A reserve company alongside the railway, 4 November 1918

A New Zealander is carried to safety by medics near Le Quesnoy

Support troops before Le Quesnoy, 4 November 1918